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An accountant is one that has attained a degree in accounting and is a certified member of the Institute of chartered Accountant. An account works with financial related businesses therefore his/her work is about financial management and record keeping, It is referred to a branch of the faculty of management in different college’s today.

VAT is seen as the quota paid by traders right from the manufacturer to the wholesale and then to the retail. It is collected as a part of consumer spending and then really implies as the part of purchase price(cost price). The accountant also plays a role in making sure that VAT is being paid and accounted for

Most persons today in our world could claim to be an accountant so as to get hold of your job an bill you a research shows that for a registered and legal office accountant in the UK could cost an individual about £250 for arrangement of the VAT returns but at online freelancers you get billed about £50 but this isn’t wise as most internet worker’s are just scam looking for who to sweep easy cash from. It is advisable you access trusted sites that have certification from the country’s accounting Institute so as to be sure you in business with the right VAT accountant.

As a certified business man or woman before going into business you should make plans on how to outline your tax and VAT this is only possible by having a VAT accountant, the only way at which this is possible by registering or applying for one from a certified Institute of account on your local place of residence.

ICAEW: This is an organization in the UK that has a link at which one could get a recognized and trusted VAT accountant without having to worry about being duped or getting a quack accountant that wouldn’t render efficient services.

Some personal account not under the Institute could also handle this task but what matters at all time is finding the right cooperation in the UK we have recognized bodies that pose as good accountant that would do the VAT services preparation but could be at a cheaper cost.

The VAT is a compulsory payment that would be made from the goods being bought or shipped into the area, with payments being made for consumers expenditure. Get in touch with a self assessment accountant in Essex for more information.