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June 8, 2015

The greatest asset any business has is its loyal customers. Notice that the term is “loyal” customers. That loyalty does not automatically happen, but is born out of trust that comes from the customers being satisfied with the product or service being offered, and that they feel that a similar level of commitment by the business will continue.

It is important for any business to keep track of the customer base that they have. This is why businesses need customer relationship management. It is a known fact that customers what more from a business than just products. It is so much more profitable for both parties if there is a genuine relationship that gets established, as opposed to just someone buying products or services.

People like to point out that the places where they shop are special to them, and they certainly enjoy thinking that way. Consider your own experience when you feel satisfied with a purchase you just make. Did the salesperson treat you with any special type of attention? Did you feel that due to any special treatment or care, that you would not mind shopping there again?

The main point in this relationship building is that by being able to put that into effect, the business then takes all of the risk of shopping out of the equation for the customer. People like to feel safe when they shop, meaning that they would rather not bother shopping in a new store, if they can get what they want somewhere where they are familiar with every thing, and the personnel at the store know them.

If that sounds far-fetched, think for a moment and put yourself into the customer’s shoes. Wouldn’t you rather have a pleasant experience by shopping where you are known and appreciated, rather than in a place where you are treated indifferently, or even ignored?Businesses need customer relationship management

This is exactly why businesses need customer relationship management processes, so that customer needs and reactions can be purposely set into motion. You can engage your customers with fun things like contests, great coupon programs, as well as subtle surveys to find out what your people really want from you.

Then you can begin to nurture the good relationships in earnest. This is how any business outshines the competition, because most businesses will not spend the time or money to do this. But you do, and that alone is also worth its weight in gold.

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