The Best Site Clearance Contractors in Essex

Site Clearance Contractors Must Have the Right Equipment and Expertise to Prevent Environmental Pollution During the Work



Any site clearance project becomes necessary when any new project or structure is planned on any land. If the site is free of any previous structures, it may involve the removal of stones, soil, probably plantation and trees and rendering the site fit for the new construction to be undertaken. The site clearance becomes more complicated if there is an existing structure on the project site that needs to be demolished and cleared. Dismantling existing factories may also require the removal of machinery and equipment.


It is important that any clearing of an area be undertaken by site clearance contractors who are experienced, equipped and qualified to take up such work. They must pay a visit to the site and prepare a proper plan for the clearing of the site. This planning can ensure that all workers carry out the demolition and removal activities safely and do not endanger people or properties around the site. This concern has to be addressed carefully in cases where demolition involves the use of explosives or other heavy equipment. Proper provision must be made for protection and barricading of the site being cleared.


Any site clearance project needs to take into consideration the nature of the debris, and the site clearance contractors must make arrangements to control any contamination of the environment while undertaking the clearance and demolition activities. The methods to be used for the clearance and demolition will depend on the equipment available to the contractor. The contractor must have adequate insurance for his workers and must also insure the customer awarding the work for any damage to property. The contractor must ensure that all workers have proper safety gear in the form of respirators, masks, ear muffs, gloves and safety harnesses
for working at heights. At times, specialized agencies may be needed to be called in by the contractor to deal with hazardous substances like asbestos, chemicals or gases that may be released because of the demolition activities.


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Before any demolition or site clearance work is started, the area must be properly cordoned off by the contractor and danger signs and warnings put in place. Entry to the site must be restricted. The contractor also needs to make proper arrangements for first aid and must identify local hospitals and medical facilities in the area that can be easily accessed in case of accidents. It is quite often necessary to obtain local permissions for demolition and clearance, and the contractor needs to ensure that these are in place and valid at the time the work is started.


It is often required during site clearance work to shut of amenities like water and electricity, and this is the responsibility of the contractor to verify that this is done, even if action is needed to be taken by the owners of the property. After the site is cleared to the satisfaction of the client, these amenities may at times need to be restored to facilitate further construction work. Any site clearance activity must always ensure that there is never any environmental pollution.